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Mẹo chuyền bóng

Right here is the place for passing tips. These passing tips will get you started in the right direction. It all starts with the basics. Watch videos and read books about these two quarterbacks, Broadway Joe and Dan the Man. Both have ideal quick release chain movements.

Your handle. Embrace football naturally. Your fingers are evenly spread and your thumb is level with the middle finger. Now, clamp the ball between the tip of the ball closest to your index finger and its center with your little finger. Cross stitch at or below index finger and little finger juventusjuventus. Again, the thumbnail will be at or below the tip of the middle finger wrapped around the soccer ball. Both the ring finger and the tip of the little finger will have a place to attach to the lanyard. If all your fingertips are on the laces, your grip is too much in the middle of the ball. Choking for football.

Arm movements. Don’t pass the ball like you’re throwing a baseball. The motion brings the baseball down with the belt, brings the ball up and around the ear, and releases the ball. That motion holds true for pitchers because the baseball is round and small. The soccer ball is oblong juventus and large, too large even for players with the largest hands.

The best movement starts with both hands on the ball at the sternum. Step forward with the side shoulders not over the front and toes of the front foot. Both face the direction the ball will end up in the direction of the target. Gale. Rotate your waist and bring the ball straight up to your ear. Step forward and up in that order.

Passing. Pull your front or opposite arm with your elbow bent around forcibly in the opposite direction as the bend described previously. Now the passing motion begins. From your ears, your elbows should point up and away from your body. Not like a dart thrower. They have their elbows down the front and front.

Forward rotation. Start walking in the direction of the goal. Rotate the pitcher towards the target. The throw elbow is now towards the target. Your hand releases the ball at the highest point. At the same time, you will track through with a downward motion. Your throwing arm will end up on your body around your opposite side. The hand will end the motion in the shape of a fist. Your target can see the numbers on your back as you pass. It would be like a baseball pitcher. But you are standing more upright.