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Internet help with math homework

My teacher gave me this math homework in the hope that understanding this problem would help me understand the usefulness of math.

A clown named Nemo came across a school of fish and said, “Hello, a hundred fish!” The leader of the group said, “If you tell us, we can’t reach a hundred. But if there are many, there are more, and there are more lakes and your quarters, Nemo.” I answered. If we swim with us, we will be a hundred. ”

If you are asked how many fish are in the school, please tell me the correct answer. Well, if you’re going to ask me, I’d rather read a book than solve this problem.
Math. Every time I hear that word, I really tremble. In other words, I have had a hard time solving word problems since I was a kid. When a math teacher starts writing something on the board, I’m always more confused than before. Then my classmates immediately jump in looking for an answer while I wait for their answer.
I’m not sure where this math horror came from, but I think it’s partly due to the environment in which I live. My parents’ work had nothing to do with numbers. My mother is a sales person and my dad works for an advertising company as a tutoring jobs near me photographer. Maybe the only math my mom had to do was count sales, but my dad just counted the number of photos he took. And that’s it, nothing more. So there was my constant fear of math, as my development and the ability to solve math problems weren’t really developed by developing in an environment where math wasn’t much discussed.
You can’t ask your parents for help with math homework, especially with regard to problems related to some more advanced math topics, including calculus. I’m not saying they don’t know math, it’s just that they haven’t used it much in the past. Therefore, you need to use other resources such as tutors, friends, classmates, and old libraries to get the math help you need.
In the past, the right resources were tedious and sometimes expensive. This is especially true if you are considering hiring someone to give you personal advice. But with the information and possibilities provided by the Internet, getting help with math homework is no longer a problem.
Many math homework websites offer a variety of articles and tutorials that really help struggling students face math challenges. Some sites also offer live online tutorials, but for a fixed fee. Think of them as your virtual teacher. With the internet at hand, you really have a lot of potential. You may not be able to get the right help from your parents, but you will certainly get it online. By the way, the answer to the fish problem is 36. Obviously, I found a solution on the World Wide Web.