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Cheater car sales target online

There are fraud shipping cars that grow on the internet that have targeted car sellers, boats, motorbikes, and other single-value items, even horses!

We first found this in January when we were approached by a car dealer in Australia which was directed to the website intended to be the first international car delivery site.

Car shipping fraud: hook

Fraudsters have copied aspects of our site and advised the potential of the victims that they would buy their vehicle and send them through the approved sender, pointing to the victim to the shipping site called himself.

After the “addicted” seller then sends a check to the seller for the cost of the vehicle and, with very friendly, including this payment costs for ship shipments abroad.

Car shipping fraud: The Con.

Say the car is sold for £ 4000.00 and shipping costs are £ 1000.00, you, sellers, get a nice little check for £ 5000.00 you have. Banks can even advise you that funds are in your account, cleaned and safe.

Car shipping fraud: sting.

Within a few days you will be asked to send Long Island NY Car Shippers a piece of this money to the shipping agent to pay for shipping. (Shipping costs of £ 1000.00)

You are asked to send this money with the moneygram that you did as you have paid … This MoneyGram cannot be tracked and immediately cashed.

Meanwhile your bank tells you 10 days later that the original inspection has bounced and immediately took money from your account.

You just cheated. For £ 1000.00!

Good advice.

Always, always, get your bank to confirm, in writing, funds have been removed, available for use and cannot be retrieved from your account. Be careful with too complicated transactions involving shipping agents, business partners, middle men and so on, all are designed to make you seriously out of the pocket, and criminals with your cash.