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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Building A Shed

Building and Renovating - Owen Sound

Your summertime project this year includes permis de construire maison building a wooden gazebo in the backyard. Before you get started there is a planning stage. When we are ready to start on a new woodworking project many of us are anxious to get started and just do it. However, we all know it pays to do our planning first. Are you ready?

Planning includes:

site location

  • site plan
  • size and function of structure
  • budget allowance
  • gazebo design
  • utilities
  • building permits
  • building codes and zoning approval

Parts of the gazebo:

foundation and base supports

  • steps or ramp
  • basic frame
  • crawl space
  • floor
  • railing
  • roof
  • decorator trim
  • columns

Gazebo styles:


  • tudor
  • spanish
  • victorian
  • cape cod
  • mission
  • craftsman
  • georgian
  • farm house
  • gingerbread

What floor design do you want?



  • square
  • rectangular
  • octagon
  • combination

Other questions to be considered:



  • What wood would look attractive; cedar, red wood, pine or other?
  • Will you use stain or paint?
  • How many entrances?
  • How many steps, one, two, more?
  • Do you want railings or not?
  • Do you want a crawlspace?
  • Do you want a cupola?
  • Do you want an overhead fan?
  • Do you want to install windows?
  • Would you want to add a weather vane or other decorator feature?
  • Do you want to install fixed or portable planters?
  • Do you want built in furniture or portable furnitu