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5 Bulk Email Tactics That Reduce Bounce Rate

Sure, you may be able to make some headway with print ads, billboards, and radio spots, but these are all just small efforts now. The real work that needs to be done in this digital day and age is efforts of internet marketing. Online marketing and advertising are the new power players in the business world. A company without a substantial online marketing structure will fail to get off the ground, no matter how good their business model or word of mouth may be.If you are in the marketing business, you’ve probably been watching this shift first-hand. For those whose ways are lodged in the print and TV era, the transition has not been an easy one. There are so many new facets of marketing that come along with online advertising that even the experts need to struggle to keep up!

It’s a young person’s game, that’s for sure, and it’s also a game that is still developing every day. Though you may feel like it would be possible to figure your way through this maze of data, the best way to begin your online marketing education is to start with what you Multisender know from your everyday life. For many people, this point of entry is the technology of email.Email, specifically bulk email, is a favorite tool among internet marketers. A knows that this is the best way to reach customers that is currently available. People are more prone to responding to an email than to any other form of communication online. Here are some ways to make sure that your bulk emails go through and bounce less often.

Don’t send bulk emails to random people, but only to recipients who have purchased items from you or expressed an interest in your company. If you just email random people, you are Spamming. Make your recipient lists smaller, as many SPAM filters are able to detect when an email is going out to a huge group of people and will block said emails and mark them as SPAM. Ensure that all of your images and links and intact before you send your emails. A recipient is sure to ignore an email that is just a collection of white squares and no information.Avoid incentivized language in your subject lines. Including phrases like “buy now” and the like are sure to get you bounced into the junk folder, either by a filter or by the user herself.Include a clear “unsubscribe” option in all of your emails so that recipients can opt out at any time. Someone frustrated by not being able to unsubscribe might mark you as SPAM.Follow these tips and steer clear of the junk folder every time!Dewitt Medlock is a real estate agent with a passion for marketing and technology.